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MTEK transforms sourcing, supply chain, & logistics, prioritizing speed, communication, cost, and transparency for global markets.

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MTEK Sourcing is also one of the top stamping manufacturers in India that offers quality products using precision metal stamping and forming process. Our manufacturing partners are equipped with in-house tooling to ensure low cost & lead times along with better quality control. Our manufacturing partners are at-least ISO9001:2015 certified along with IATF16949:2016. However, we cater to prototype/low volume production as well.

With many years of experience, we excel is producing high quality finished parts and assemblies using:

Stamped parts can be manufactured using various materials like Stainless Steel, Aluminium Alloys, Steel alloys, Copper, Brass, and various others.

stamping parts manufacturer in india

Our manufacturers offer various 3rd party finishing services like:

Various testing can be performed to ensure product strength and resistance – E.g., Salt Spray testing.

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