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Sourcing Gravity cast components from India


Introduction Before diving into the topic directly, let’s do a quick review about the Casting process. Casting is one of the most popular manufacturing processes used for production of various components. In this manufacturing process a liquid material (mostly metals) is poured into a mold of required shape, then the molten metal is allowed to […]


Before diving into the topic directly, let’s do a quick review about the Casting process. Casting is one of the most popular manufacturing processes used for production of various components. In this manufacturing process a liquid material (mostly metals) is poured into a mold of required shape, then the molten metal is allowed to cool until it solidifies. The solidified part is then ejected or  broken out of the mold. This process can be used to create parts of almost any shape and size. There are different types of Casting processes are incorporated namely Sand Die casting, Gravity Die casting, Investment Casting, Pressure Die casting, Centrifugal casting, etc. Each of these processes has its own unique set of benefits and drawbacks.

Sourcing Gravity

What is Gravity Die Casting

Gravity die casting is a casting method for metals in which a mold is filled with the metal. The metal is then allowed to cool for a while, which causes it to harden. The process is used to produce parts with a high degree of accuracy and smooth surface. This casting process uses gravity to force molten metal into a mold thus its given the name. The mold is usually made of steel, iron or brass, and is coated with a release agent to prevent the metal from sticking to the mold.


In Gravity die casting, the molten metal is directly poured into the mold cavity under the effect of gravity through the gating and rising systems. For better coverage, the die could be tilted based on the filling required. The most commonly used materials in this process are Zinc, Lead, Cast Iron, Aluminum &Magnesium Alloys and bronze, based on the requirement. This process works on bottom up approach to fill the metal into the mold, whereas other casting processes its quite the opposite. This casting method has the higher casting rate comparing to Sand casting. Since, its quite expensive to make the metal molds, its mainly suitable for large scale industries. Usually these molds are made of Cast Iron or Steel, and sometimes graphite. The choice of selecting the material type of the mold is based on the type of metal to be cast in it.

Why Gravity Die casting?

It directly lends into making components with complex parts without compromising its accuracy. Its main specialty is its accuracy in Aluminum and Zinc Castings. The tool cost is much less than pressure die casting. Also it provides various advantages like Rapid chilling for excellent mechanical properties, Heat treatment with minimal porosity. In view of the enterprise, we can get less lead time, lower cost in market with high production rate, Assured efficiency and consistent results along with its high precision and tight tolerance.

Industry and Gravity die Casting method:

Sourcing Gravity

Manufacturers anticipate investing in permanent molds that are well-designed and meticulously tooled, since this assures the final goods are consistently of high quality. The long-term re-usability of the moldings allows for the accurate reproduction of surface features. And you have arrived to the right place. Gravity die casting is widely used in virtually every sector of the modern world, with a strong presence in the automotive industry. It is used to produce a wide range of light-alloy automotive parts, such as cylinder heads and engine supports.

Another option is Investment casting, but more secondary machining is required in this process to remove some other unwanted cleaning after casting. Which might affect the production rate and efficiency. And I don’t want to mention the additional cost that comes along with it. Now coming to the important question,

How to Select the suitable Manufacturer 

The important steps to a company’s successful growth is taking suitable decisions at right time. The best decisions will lead the company to a rich and stable future. In Die casting manufacturing Industry, the key part is to manufacture the top products with increase in profit and along with development of the companies. If a wrong decision is made with selecting the right manufacturer, then the consequences are going to be high and the aftermath will affect the Company growth process. And only the best people will make quality products while also help the firm with reduced cost. Usually the Die casting process is quite costly and mostly profitable at higher production volume.

Sourcing Gravity

The best die casting manufacturers will know the best for the clients and their production needs. They know what is perfect, what materials to use and will mechanically think of the excess details that the firm will want in their products. These experienced manufacturers have a way of tailoring services, knowing which will make the customers pleased and not burn their pockets as much. They will provide a comparative list of competitive prices, details and packages that will help the firm to view the choices they have and match for the advantages of their production processes.

These Die casted components are provided to the diverse renowned and leading manufacturers of fabric machinery, domestic appliances, diesel engines, hydraulic and electric machines, Automobiles, and many others. The manufacturers have fully integrated In-house tool design and construction along with state-of-the-art casting and secondary machining capabilities provide clients with timely delivery of services at reasonable prices. With the help of trained professionals, we’ve evolved clients from diverse industrial domain names. Along with this, we ensure the set up of our supreme class materials in their production procedure. In India, the manufacturers are generally classified into the following groups based on their volume of production.

  1. The tier-1 Industries:
Sourcing Gravity

These are big companies who serves to branded customers with bulk orders. They try to keep the entire supply chain in their direct control by having all the required processes in-house, or at the sub-supplier who can be influenced easily. And they are responsible for meeting all the technical and commercial requirements of their clients.

  1. Medium Scale Enterprises:

These are enterprises which usually has maximum potential and hunger to grow. They are the important source of quality products and services, and play a vital role in the country’s economic development.

  1. Micro & Small Enterprises

Micro & small enterprises yield maximum cost benefits to the customer while maintaining the quality and lead time. They are responsible for 45% of the country’s industrial output with higher skilled labor force and large variety of raw materials.

Why Sourcing the components from INDIA?

There are various industries who are predominant in the global market. The list usually contains the members of the BRICS and few other countries along with them like Mexico, Russia, Chile, Indonesia, etc. But considering the global trends, there are various factors need to looked upon at this situation in various countries. For Example, In china its economy plays important role in determining the metal prices in their market.

Which means, if there is going to be more metal equipments and factories in china, then there is more potential for various developments required and demanded for mining. But, there have been various restrictions have been incorporated by the Environmental Regulations which have been updated recently. This gives the potential of limiting the supplies and which in turn raise the prices of various components associated with them. Various other factors like Technological Innovation, Environmental Regulations, Population Growth, Monetary policies, etc.

The urbanization trend should create an enormous demand for metals as cities build their infrastructure. However, Industries and consumers still require metals and Mining Industries is starting to create cleaner ways in doing their business.

Sourcing Gravity

The MAKE IN INDIA initiative is expected to boost the growth of the Industries in the country with support of the government, which provides various incentives to promote their development. The initiative aims to boost the country’s manufacturing sector and make it a global hub for manufacturing. It is also profitable for the customers who gets benefited including tax breaks, subsidies, and easy access to credit.

In conclusion, the manufacturing industries in India are expected to continue growing at a strong pace in the coming years on the back of favourable economic factors, increasing preference for personal mobility, growing demand for various automotive components. Also, India has a democratic government that is committed to promote industrial growth. Considering all these factors, makes INDIA an attractive destination for foreign Investments and sourcing for manufacturing the components.

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