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MTEK transforms sourcing, supply chain, & logistics, prioritizing speed, communication, cost, and transparency for global markets.

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Manufacturing Solution



MTEK collaborates with top-tier machining partners for precision turned and milled components and assemblies across diverse sectors.


MTEK sources superior cast components from leading Indian manufacturers, ensuring high-quality standards and reliable performance.


MTEK excels in precision manufacturing, including top-quality forged parts produced with exceptional expertise and precision.

Sheet Metal and fabrication

Our manufacturing partners excel with in-house facilities for various specialized processes, ensuring top-notch production quality.


MTEK ensures product excellence through precise metal stamping and forming techniques, delivering high-quality results to meet industry standards.

Metal Injection Moulding

MTEK offers Metal Injection services, advocating MIM as the preferred manufacturing process for high-quality components.


PCBA & Box Build

MTEK offers Electronic manufacturing services, including tailored PCBA and box build assemblies, meeting unique specifications.

Wire Harness

MTEK assists with a range of wiring harness complexities and manufactures in-house jigs and fixtures to meet unique requirements.

Coil Assembly

MTEK provides Transformers, Inductors, Solenoid Coil assembly, and Miniature Coil assembly, among other electronic components and assemblies.



We excel in designing and developing molding tools, manufacturing injection molded tools, and performing insert molding and overmolding processes.

Plastic Machining

MTEK specializes in precise plastic machined parts, utilizing conventional and CNC machining techniques with engineering plastics such as Nylon, PTFE, PEEK, and more.