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Metal Injection moulding

Metal Injection Moulding

Metal Injection moulding (MIM) process might be new to few but is an effective solution for complex parts with complex geometrical structures. MTEK Sourcing has partnered with some of the best injection moulding manufacturers to produce precision parts using this process.

MIM process can be divided into 4 main processes:

  • Compounding
  • Moulding
  • De-binding
  • Sintering

The MIM process is followed by secondary in-house operations. We work with various Steel grades like Stainless Steel, Low alloy Steel, Case hardened Steel, and Special Steel.

  • MIM is the preferred manufacturing process:
  • If the product weight is less (Minimum 0.1 gram)
  • Has a complex geometrical structure
  • Has close tolerances with tight surface finish requirements
  • Has thin wall thickness (Min 0.3mm)
  • Requires high-volume production

Along with the above benefits, the lead times can be as low as 4 weeks to complete tooling and manufacturing. We have catered to various industries like Medical, Defense, Aerospace, and General Engineering among others.

With our highly qualified engineers and inspectors, MTEK Sourcing can guarantee your metal moulding products delivered with zero defect and on-time.

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