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Bridging the Gap between Global Buyers with Local Manufacturers.We are MTEK Sourcing.

We are a sourcing company in India that provides end-to-end solutions in supply chain and procurement services to global market.

Our Manufacturing Solutions

MTEK Sourcing offers a wide array of sourcing materials, broadly categorized into Metals, Electronics, and Plastics.


With over a decade of experience in sourcing materials such as metal components and assemblies via manufacturing processes, MTEK Sourcing assures no compromise on the quality, cost and delivery of engineered products.


MTEK works with high quality machining partners for turned and milled components/assemblies for various..

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Sheet Metal and Fabrication

Our manufacturing partners have excellent in-house facilities for processes like

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MTEK provides high quality cast components from some of the top Indian manufacturers. 

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MTEK offers quality products using precision metal stamping and forming process.

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MTEK specializes in manufacturing high precision forged parts. Some of our parts are produced by: 

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Metal Injection Moulding

MTEK also provides Metal Injection services. MIM should be preferred manufacturing process if: 

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The electronics Industry is revolutionizing in India since beginning of COVID. MTEK Sourcing supports your product development with reliable and trustworthy manufacturing partners for PCBA, Box build, Wire harness, and Coil assembly requirements.


PCBA & BOX Build

MTEK provides Electronic manufacturing services like customized PCBA and box build assemblies from our..

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Wire Harness

MTEK supports with simple to complex wiring harness. Jigs and fixtures are manufactured in-house..

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Coil Assembly

MTEK offers Transformers, Inductors, Solenoid Coil assembly, Miniature Coil assembly, Box..

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Our manufacturing partners are equipped with excellent manufacturing setup and quality control to produce precision plastic injection molded and plastic machined components.


Our capabilities include Design and development of moulding tools, Injection moulded tool manufacturing, Insert Moulding and Over Moulding..

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Plastic Machining

MTEK produces precision plastics machined parts using conventional and CNC machining using various engineering plastics like Nylon, PTFE, PEEK,..

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Customized Sourcing and Procurement Services

Looking for sourcing and procurement solutions?We are committed to providing you with the best sourcing services with absolute transparency.